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9-Ball Doubles to Vegas Feb 25th Dejavu Doors open at 10 tourney to start at 11 sharp
Must register and pay by 10:30 AM. $60 per team
8-Ball Doubles to Vegas Mar 11th Dejavu Doors open at 10 tourney to start at 11 sharp
Fall Money Cup March 25th
Fall MVP April 8th
Jack and Jill April 22nd
8-Ball City May 19th-21st
9-Ball City June 9th-11th 

We are the APA Pool League and the APA 9 Ball League. As the nation's first and largest amateur handicapped pool league, we have operated continuously since October of 2000. We welcome you to see what over 250,000 amateur pool players around the country have already discovered.

Talk to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You'll find that they either play in the APA or know someone who does. It'll surprise you! Clerks, secretaries, janitors, lawyers, chiropractors, doctors, waitresses, truck drivers, bank tellers, and even school teachers ... all play pool in the APA Pool League. Over one fourth of APA members are female.
Think you're not good enough to play in the APA? Consider this: 75% of APA members are beginner to intermediate players, meaning you don't have to be a Pool Pro to play. And with the APA's Equalizer® Handicap System everyone has a nearly equal chance of winning.

Join our APA Pool Leagues today... for more information:
 contact us by phone or text 334-717-9624
 Monday- Thursday 12PM- 6PM

Everyone Can Play...Anyone Can Win! 




8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open


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